Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ireen is one of the craft friend that I love very much, she is a ROCKER CRAFTER to me! I always love her loud design and she can always mix and match everything into her very own personality. This is the first time she organize a gift away, and all of you should not miss it!



  1. Simply vist IREEN'S blog and leave her comment which is your favourite creation
  2. Link her with the icon which provided on the left section of blog
  3. Join Miss Ireen Group in Facebook
please email to a.hippies@gmail.com to provide your facebook and blog for tracking, giving away end on 10th july 2010, please check back on 11st July to see who are the lucky 2 winners :)


Some of Ireen's design that I really love them!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wip {work in progress}

I just came back from Singapore trip & Malacca trip. It was quite rushing, but it is always good that you can always spent time together with good companion. I even went to Marina Bay Sand the latest casino, looking at the huge crowd makes me worries of more family will suffer very soon. Malacca is very very hot, I hope i will go again soon with more well plan ^ - ~

My wip work. I love the cutie fabrics so much!!! I will continue to work on it. Must deliver before my dateline. :p

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hair Clip

I always love sewing hair clips. I always feel happy when I sew hair clips, as it is simple and I can use all my fabrics to mix & match (That is the fun part!) These hair clips are for my best friend. She is a total camhore. She want to snap photo together with my hair clips, well, I can't reject her, and I know I will enjoy this hair clip project.

This was 1 of my first hair clip during year 2008. A little thing that I started and I am where I am now. Keep doing things that you like! That was using vintage fabric, the fabric was from my best friend, is her mum collection :p more than 20years we believe. Love the touch of the old fabric, the colors & the pattern.

This is my first trial from book tutorial. Cute, rite? You can find this fabric from maymayshop

Love this fabric so much! I purchase from applemama

My favorite polka dot fabrics ^ ^

Floral prints, this is a gift from joanbeadshouse


Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Booties 2.0 | Shawna

This is the order of my dear gf - Shawna, I was rushing this as she want me to pass to her on Sunday at Malacca. That green base + white polka dot is very limited. I really fall in love with them. I am yet to decide what should i name them. I will name them as 2.0 then...wahahhaha. I spent more time on it, but definitely worth it with the result. This version of baby booties 2.0 is a different pattern, it can be either reversible or with anti slipped fabric for elder baby.

- Item Sold - 

email to hoyoyi@gmail.com If you are interested with this product

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I joined pattybell give away some times ago, i even forgot about it... :p until I received the message from Pat. Wooo... honestly I never have luck in wining those give away, lucky draw la... :p

Please visit http://www.pattybelle.com/ or her blog at  http://ilovepattybelle.blogspot.com/ Pat have a nice blog shop that she selected special products herself. ^ ^ 

What was my comment?
I wish I can save $ and travel to Europe next year... not easy.... ai.. but is my dream! second dream is to own a more "geng" sewing machine :p ” 

That is my dream!!! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby booties for Princess

01. Love the pretty Strawberry & Cherries Fabric.

02. One of my precious polka dots with the pinky  floral pattern from Joan.

03. The super limited Ice cream with pinky polka dot. No more fabric... >"<

 Completed 3 pairs of booties finally. Thanks for my dear customer that keep supporting me.