Monday, December 17, 2012


Sewing ballerina indoor booties
DIY my N2 case with my fav fabric
I cut my hair, and it is now ear length lol The last time I cut this short? 1999 XD

Received wedding cookies from dear Tami. 

Prepare my ingredients to cook sambal petai

My Yummylicious Mummy recipe Sambal Petai!

Sunday Brunch, scramble egg with weetamel cookies and vietnamese coffee

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big zipper pouch for myself

I sewed myself a huge zipper pouch yesterday. Why do I need such a huge pouch? As I need to put my 2 phones, my tissue pouch, my wristlet and my key when I go for lunch. And I can't get a suitable pouch, so I decided to sew one for myself. The reason that I choose this fabric is because it will not be obvious if it turn dirty XD
I have good improvement in my sewing this round. Something new I learnt.

A compartment for me to place my phone and keys.