Monday, November 19, 2012

sewing is fun (for kids) 17112012

My very first sewing class with the girls. A great Saturday afternoon, that I spent my time with them, taught them some basic sewing skill~ I hope they love my class. It is not easy for them to learn from the scratch, but I thank God that none of them give up or either make noise, they only request of my help when needed. They sew quietly and stay focus. one or two of them did overlooked and sew wrongly, but they are okay when I ask them to remove the stitches and start again. BRAVO girls! The passion from your eyes really touched me, I told myself that I must learn better and share the fun of sewing with you girls.
Can't wait to meet all of you this coming Saturday ^ ^ 
Sorry of limited photos due to teacher is busy teaching :p

*All the teaching syllabus prepared by Hoyoyi Handmade*

星期六的下午是sewing is fun的第一堂課。這個美好的週六下午我都和這一班小女生一起,教教她們基本的縫紉技巧。希望她們喜歡我的課啦~ 要從零開始學習並不容易,還好他們都沒放棄,也沒嚷嚷。就在有狀況的時候要我幫忙。小女生們都靜靜的,很專心的學縫紉。有一兩位小女生有小粗心,縫錯,但是當我要他們拆線再從新開始他們也很配合。

你們真的很棒! 看到你們期待的眼神真的讓我很感動。你們認真的學習的態度,讓老師也要努力學習,繼續的和你們分享縫紉的快樂。
不好意思照片上得不多,因為老師忙著教課 :p

*所有的課程教學是Hoyoyi Handmade編排的*


I am so happy to see that they able to understand what I trying to teach them ^ ^

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Triangle patchwork quilt for baby Rebecca

I am sewing this baby quilt for pretty baby Rebecca. Auntie hope you will grow up as a cutie girl that everyone love. Took me bout 2 days to complete quilt. Honestly, I enjoy sewing this. And I love the cute pie fabrics so much! And now, I am running out of fabrics >.<