I ♥ PATCHWORK . 我 ♥ 拼布

I will keep all my patchwork project here. 我所有的拼布作品都会放在这里

my passion of patchwork was applied on my adult booties 
reversible patchwork baby booties

aren't you fall in love with this? ^ ^

The 1st hexagon on far left in 1.5cm size hexagon, and current size 1 inch.

How did I started my patchwork project? When I saw a post of my friend - sengkit I love what he shared, and I really admire how the Chinese started their patchwork practice in olden time. 

我是如何开始我的拼布作品?当我从好友sengkit 的部落看到他分享的故事我就很喜欢。我很喜欢当时的华人是如何开始他们的拼布作品。

** During the agricultural time in China, once a family have a 100days new born baby, the baby parents will visit their friends and family, and collect some scrap fabrics from them, they will use these scrap fabrics and sew into a blanket, it represent the blessings from different family. We call the blanket as 百家被,which means 100 families blanket. Parents hope that their kids will grow up with plenty of blessings with this blanket, and hope that they will grow up fine.

**在中国早期的农业社会,当家中初生儿满100天时,小孩的父母会到亲朋好友家登门拜访,收集一些零碎的布料,这来自不同家庭的祝福,缝制成一件独一无二的温暖作品,我们称之为“百家被”。(也有称之“百纳被”或者“百搭被”)父母希望让孩子盖著「纳百家之福」的被单长大,期望他们平安长大。** quoted from sengkit.

My sister love this camera pouch very much!

Though I am not able to sew a 100s family blanket for my sister, but i turn it into a camera pouch, carry my wishes for my only sister, as she got the working holiday visa from New Zealand, she will fly to Kiwi Land on 19 Nov 2009. I hope she will have a fabulous journey. Some of the fabrics i used have at least 20 years, just like the orange polka dots from my mum, and Lennie gave me her mother's checked fabrics. There is a piece which my mum did sew it into cloth for my eldest aunt. And not to forget my good friend Kucira, she gave me a floral fabric, she know i love sewing ( a great gift!) and some i bought when i was in Kuching, Sarawak, and some were from online.

Next? My sister said she need a laptop sleeve, handphone pouch, cable pouch, she is trying to kill me i guess... haha

虽然我没有能力去缝个百家被给我老妹,我把它改装成一个相机包,一样带着我的祝福给我老妹,他申请到纽西兰的working holiday的visa (1年), 19号就要飞去纽西兰。希望他有个很好的人生体验^ ^ 有些布已经有最少二十年的高龄。。。像老妈的橙色水玉布,我的老友Lennie,他妈妈的格子布。还有一片布是妈妈以前为大姨缝制衣服的布碎。还有好姐妹kucira送的花布,他知道我喜欢缝缝补补的就送我一块布(很棒的礼物!)再来就是我自己在古晋买的,也有一些在网上购买。

再来?老妹说他要手提电脑的包包,手机包包,电线包包。。。 要他老姐的老命咩。。。 -__-"'

The torn jeans with patchwork!

终于把拼布缝在妹妹的牛仔裤上,也把他的裤脚剪成七分裤,配上球鞋,妹妹一定会有一幅可以吃得苦的样子。。。哈哈哈 加油啦老妹!

I have finally sew the patch work on my sister's torn jeans, and i also cut the pants length to 3/4. She can match with a sneaker, she can look very tough and able to handle lots of work in NZ later... hahaha... All the best sis!

For Irene
This patchwork phone pouch is for a friend that i know. I am not closed with her. But since after her mother passed away in an accident, I read her blog, her pain of loosing the love of her life is so tough for her to move on. I specially sew this phone pouch for her as I wish to share my blessing with her.


When my friend - Chui saw my works, she also wish to have one. I contacted her hubby and check with him what phone model that she use, as I wish to give her a surprise. Well, I drag it till her birthday for that surprise. Chui was my housemate when I was studied at Malaysian Institute of Art. She thought me to know many kinds of coffee, and also listen to few different music. Thanks you sis. Though we seldom meet each other but we do care for each another.


When the day I started sewing patchwork and baby booties, I always hope to join this two project together as Patchwork baby booties , I use fabrics that I keep and fabrics that given from my friends to work on this polka dot patchwork, and I apply it on this baby booties. It is my blessing for my senior - C. G & Vni's princess, their first born. May God shower his grace to this family.

在我开始缝拼布和婴孩鞋时,我一直告诉自己有一天我一定要把拼布和婴孩鞋结合在一起成为拼布婴孩鞋。我比较喜欢称它为百家布婴孩鞋。知道振源和薇妮学姐的第一个宝贝公主诞生了,我一直就告诉我是时候缝制百家布婴孩鞋了。 我深深的送上祝福给这个家庭。愿天父赐你们满满的祝福。

I also made a birthday card with my wishes for him. Though he always want me to sew him a patchwork blanket... @___@ that is so tough, right? I sew him a patchwork birthday card. Which is very special, rite? I use my own lazy pattern to sew this slipper due to I am yet to know how to attach bias tape XD 20.09.2010

我也做了一张写满祝福的生日卡给他。他一直都叫我缝一条百家被给他,百家被咧...很难的任务咧...我只好先亲手做一张拼布生日卡给他...很特别吧? 这个鞋款我乱来的,因为我不会滚边。。。 XD 20.09.2010



Caca said...

you are so creative.

Fleurette@ Fleur's place said...

Beautiful work , I love all your projects and the baby booties are so cute!

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hoyoyi said...

Blue white - 你好幸福啊~

•*¨*•¸¸.♥ Sweet Tresa ♥¸¸.•*¨*• said...

may i know where you get the zigzag scissor .. love the way you cut out the fabric zigzag ^^ and you have lovely baby sewing

hoyoyi said...

Hi Tresa, you can try to get it from Craftworld at SS2, I got this one from Singapore, is a Clover brand. It cost me around RM100, Ikea is selling as well, but the quality is not so good but worth for a scissors at RM 25. The name of this scissor is - pinking shears

•*¨*•¸¸.♥ Sweet Tresa ♥¸¸.•*¨*• said...

oh, i was there yesterday but forget to check with them and thank you for your kind reply and will check with them when i next visit the shop hehehe .. thank you for sharing, appreciate

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