About Hoyoyi

Hoyoyi loves sewing since her young age, as her mother is a tailor, but her mum never taught her any sewing skill, as she worried that once her daughter know how to sew, she will keep buying fabrics. Hoyoyi start sewing for her barbie doll with the left over fabrics that her mum gave her after her mum finished her part time sewing at home. (Do not be surprised that she did sew jumpsuit in early 90s!) She start sewing for her church friends with her mum's torn jeans, she sew small pouch. When she went to art school, she major in Graphic design, but her housemate is a fashion design graduate. Hoyoyi get to use her housemate's sewing machine and loves scrap fabrics that she have. She sew some simple bag & pillow case.

And in year 2009, her best friend - Ant, shared with her where she can get cute polka dot fabrics, from then, she start making hair clips to fill her empty time. and she sew more and more from then. In March 2009, Hoyoyi was transfered to Johor Bahru, the southern part of Malaysia, she do not have much friends here, and she began to sew cellphone pouch, patchwork and baby booties. She get to know more craft friends. And now she is here to share her passion with you.

If you have any custom order or inquiry, do drop her an email to