Monday, April 26, 2010

My Craft Sunday

Yesterday was my craft Sunday, other than keep tracking the election result, I am sewing all the time. This pair of baby booties are on the way to Tg. Malim, for my dearest senior that she gave birth of her 4th Prince! Hope she like it. ^ ^

I also sew a patchwork coaster with my fabric scrap yesterday, sometimes I feel guilty to throw away my fabric scrap, so I collect it and when the time come, and I am lazy to keep them, I will turn them to something. This is my first trial on coaster, the finishing is not as good as I expected. I need to work harder on it. ^ ^

And I sew two pillow case for my God-daughters, I was scratching my head when trying to match the fabric, luckily I really have something that all little girls will like. haha... I also thought that sewing pillow case is just piece of cake, but is not as what I thought too >_<  I will be better next time. Thanks to my God-daughters that they are always my best white rat for trial products. My youngest God-daughter brought the tote bag I sew for her to school, her nursery teacher compliment her bag, and she told her teacher that was sew by me. How sweet.... =)


Patty's Cottage said...

the pillow case is very nice:)i also like the coaster:)it would b great to put under cup of coffee or tea
:)add oil

NaNa said...

love that coaster, such a nice combination of fabric

Happyland said...

Thanks Yee yeee!! by Qiqi and Hui hui

hoyoyi said...

Dear Pat, have you put under coffee/ tea now? hehehe

Nana, Thanks ah!

Siang, Sweating now... =_+|||

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