Sunday, August 21, 2011

placemat & cushion case

{ P L A C E M A T }

I am sick terribly for many days, and yes, I am still sick with flu & fever. 
I got nothing to do last night, and decided to cut and sew XP

I love sewing placemat with simple linen + lace~
Those that knew me well will sure know that I love sewing two sided design on whatever I sew. 
It is more environmental friendly, and absolutely useful!

{ C U S H I O N  C A S E }

I also sewed 2 cushion case, 
1 sided with washed cotton and the other side with cream linen + lace
if you are interested with the washed cotton, you can purchase from APPLEMAMA

I love how the combination of lace + cream linen
Don't you love them?!!!
You can get this cream linen from MAYMAYSHOP


meiweihuang said...

thanks yiyi for the hardly promote ^^

Wendy said...

These are beautiful. So simple but so carefully made.

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