Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lazybone Handmade Camera Pouch | 懶骨頭相機包包


Other than my own handmade product, I will also continue to share with my readers about little things that makes me happy. This is the camera pouch that I bought during PIPIT WONDERFUL MARKET 6. I bought it from my good friend - lazybone handmade I always hearts her sewing design, as it always put a smile on my heart. When I first saw this camera pouch, I love it at the first sight! And I am so lucky that on last Saturday, while we were waiting the gallery door open, I "spot check" her bag and she what handmade items that she has. I couldn't believe that this camera pouch is available!!!! I secretly grab it and test on my camera, BINGO! it fitted perfectly! And I quickly make my payment. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! 

This camera pouch size is Approx 15.5cm x 13cm x 4cm. It can fits well for all compact camera, It fitted well on my GF1~ She will soon release camera pouch for Instant instax mini 7s. 

Kindly visit lazybonehandmade email to 
for more details.


Agnes Sim said...

product of Jamaica...:p

hoyoyi said...


chiariyees said...

can see how you couldn't contain your excitement with your finding when I approached you that day~ hehe!

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