Monday, May 2, 2011

Patchwork adult booties | 拼布室內鞋 for PIPIT WONDERFUL MARKET 6

Ever since I sewed my reversible baby booties and baby bib with patchwork style, I have told myself that I will have to sew a pair of adult booties with my patchwork. I really love the chemistry of patchwork, no matter how you apply them, they will look Fantabulous! (this is a funny phase i learned from a movie, though it is crazy but it is really how I felt lol)

The hexagon patchwork were my previous work last year, I sewed a couple of them and keep it for future usage. And those fabrics were either from my mum's collection, present from my friend, the checked fabric was from my friend, it was her mum's collection, I think it is at least more than 20years old.

#Patchwork is something very meaningful in every Chinese family. A friend of mine posted about his old patchwork blanket that was sewn by his grandmother – I felt very emotional and I decided to start on my patchwork designs.
During the olden times in China, on the 100th day of a newborn baby, the family will go door to door within their village to ask for a scrap of fabric from their neighbors, and would turn that fabric scrap into a blanket for the new born baby. This type of patchwork blanket was then named the “hundred families blanket” and symbolizes the blessings of the neighborhood. In turn, my designs are a great blessing to the customer.#

date : 7th May 2011 , Saturday
venue : Annexe Gallery , Central Market , KL
time : 12pm - 7pm

Annual creative festival for local creative talent , handmade craft , art design , independent brand and unique limited items that you shouldn't missed out ! :)

3 gallery & more than 60 artists / designer / crafter ! & miniature exhibition will be in wonderful market too !


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