Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reversible Patchwork Baby Booties Giftset | 百家布婴孩鞋礼品组合

终于都把百家布婴孩鞋礼品组合缝好了。我真的很喜欢刚缝好的口水巾,自己一边看,一边流口水。。。哈哈哈 {就给我自恋吧}它们是两面穿的哦,只要一翻就是下面的图案了~

如果你有兴趣定购的话,请电邮到 - hoyoyi@gmail.com 


Finally finished sewing my Reversible Patchwork Baby Booties Giftset. I really love this baby bib that I just sew. I drip my saliva when I am looking at it... hahhaha... BTW, They are reversible! Once you flipped, they will turn into the pattern as below,

If you are interested to purchase, please email to - hoyoyi@gmail.com 

I need a week time to completed.


Happyland said...

I want order a set here , Thanks ^^

hoyoyi said...

Siang, give me time... @___@

meiweihuang said...

the 百家布polka dot baby booties very very nice dear, ^^ sure spend a lot "blood" in side ^^

Natalia said...

ohh!! so cute!!!
thank you for visit my blog!
I really enjoyied my trip to Malasia!
Your booties are wonderful!

Agnes Sim said...

yoyoy..nice le!!!!

Tilly said...

These are so lovely! Well done. I love making these booties too.

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