Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reversible baby booties for her . 给小公主的婴孩鞋

这一次用了色彩缤纷的芭迪布,还有和MAYMAYSHOP买的可爱布。我一看到那片芭迪布就很喜欢,很有我们国家的FEEL~ 也缝了两个小发夹,可爱吧?这一套礼品组合明天将送去美国的三藩市,希望即将出生的小女娃平安,健康.

For this reversible baby booties giftset, I choose a very colorful batik fabric & fabric I purchased from MAYMAYSHOP. I love the fabric so much, it really represent our country so much. I did also stitch 2 little matching hair clip.  This giftset will be sending to San Francisco, United State tomorrow. Hope that the baby girl that going to deliver soon will blessed with peace and healthy. I truly love the reversible batik baby booties  & reversible batik baby bib ^ ^

~Item Sold~


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