Wednesday, December 1, 2010

reversible hat | 兩面用帽 011210


This reversible hat is for a very cute boy named Lukas. He is a son of my good friend, Gini. Gini is the sister of my friend's wife. When I was transfered down to JB, she is always my emergency contact as I was the stranger at the city that I never lived. I have promised that I will sew her son a hat, I drag till when they about to board on plane haha... actually they are flying off to China on Friday. I hope little Lukas will love this. He have a voice that no one can resist, once he call your name you will be melted immediately... I love the Britain soldier fabric and the cute puppies fabric that my dear friend, Sam gave to me. The combination is not bad rite? Very sorry of the ugly model :p 
BTW, please do not think that the hat is very big. As my headband width is 51cm, and this little Lukas headband width is 50.5 >.< I have added elastic strap inside. 


Mila@Rimbun said...

Hi hoyiyi.. I am a silent reader of your blog, and now not silent anymore :)... ur baby booties has inspired me a lot... the hat looks great too... surely Lukas will love it

kimberlly said...


prince n princess mum said...

So cute! You can sew so many unique stuffs!~

hoyoyi said...

Hi Mila, you are welcome
Kim, abothen? I am your senior ler...~~~
Prince n Princess, thanks for your visit ^ ^

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