Friday, December 31, 2010

Teddy Hot Water Bag | 小熊暖暖熱水袋

小熊暖暖熱水袋上架了!當我在選felt的顏色時,發現到材料店裡的選擇不多,但是顏色都是我喜歡的也很符合我手作雜貨的標準 XD  我真的覺得這個暖暖熱水袋是很好的禮物,送給任何女性都合適~


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Teddy hot water bag is available now. When I doing my felt shopping, i found that the colors in the material shop are kinda limited, but all the colors are really suitable for my zakka handmade standard XD I really found that this hot water bag is a great gift selection for any female~

Coming up there are grey bear color, and un non dark brown color. I love the felt color, they are gorgeous!

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