Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Adult booties {For my mum}| 成人室內鞋 {給媽媽} 22.12.10


This adult booties is for my mum. During my mum's birthday I posted the adult booties photos. I ask my brother to show the booties to my mum. My mum was worry that to wear outdoor the foot will be painful, and if wear at home, will fell down. Well, mum was not aware that her daughter is using anti slipped fabric and batting inside. Once she knew, she ask my brother to tell me that she want a pair. I drag my sewing since I came back from KL. Finally is completed. I use floral pattern fabric. Floral pattern fabric meant alot to my family. Mum was sewing cloth for grandma and her sister. I wish to continue this tradition, let the floral story continue in my family.

Suddenly I thought of the scene when my mum sew cloths for my grandma and aunties, I felt the love of my mum to her family. 

Ma, teach me how to sew cloths, then I can sew for you XD


Obsession With Online Tutorials said...

LOVE LOVE this.....this posting made me tear up and cry.....It is beautiful and pretty......

Love your work,

Avid Reader.....Shannon Margaret

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