Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wip {work in progress}


Why am I not posting my latest work lately? As I am busy with a biggest project ever. I think with this sneak preview you are able to guess what it is XD 

I will show you the end product real soon ^ ^

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I ♥ PATCHWORK . 我 ♥ 拼布

Dear friends & readers,

I have added a page for my patchwork projects. You can find the button on top of my page.

I will keep all my patchwork projects there.


I ♥ PATCHWORK . 我 ♥ 拼布

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For someone special ^ ^ | 给特别的某人

Today is someone's birthday. This was suppose to be completed long long time ago, but I drag and I drag for months. Yesterday I finally work on it, as this is the best birthday gift hehehhe...~ Thank God that he like the present. I also made a birthday card with my wishes for him. Though he always want me to sew him a patchwork blanket... @___@ that is so tough, right? I sew him a patchwork birthday card. Which is very special, rite? I use my own lazy pattern to sew this slipper due to I am yet to know how to attach bias tape XD

今天是某人的生日,我其实早就该完成它,拖了又拖...昨天我终于把它给完成,是很好的生日礼物吧~ 还好他喜欢这份礼物. 我也做了一张写满祝福的生日卡给他。他一直都叫我缝一条百家被给他,百家被咧...很难的任务咧...我只好先亲手做一张拼布生日卡给他...很特别吧? 这个鞋款我乱来的,因为我不会滚边。。。 XD

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recent work

Recent work. I feel good when every time I completed my order. Don't you love them? ^ ^

The baby bib is so pretty, I never stopped loving them.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reversible baby booties for her . 给小公主的婴孩鞋

这一次用了色彩缤纷的芭迪布,还有和MAYMAYSHOP买的可爱布。我一看到那片芭迪布就很喜欢,很有我们国家的FEEL~ 也缝了两个小发夹,可爱吧?这一套礼品组合明天将送去美国的三藩市,希望即将出生的小女娃平安,健康.

For this reversible baby booties giftset, I choose a very colorful batik fabric & fabric I purchased from MAYMAYSHOP. I love the fabric so much, it really represent our country so much. I did also stitch 2 little matching hair clip.  This giftset will be sending to San Francisco, United State tomorrow. Hope that the baby girl that going to deliver soon will blessed with peace and healthy. I truly love the reversible batik baby booties  & reversible batik baby bib ^ ^

~Item Sold~

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Reversible baby booties for him . 给小王子的婴孩鞋

这一次用了很可爱的小车车布,还有五彩缤纷格子布。小王子穿上一定很可爱~ This time I choose a cutie vehicle fabrics & colorful checked fabric, I think the little prince will sure look very cute with my baby booties. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reversible Patchwork Baby Booties Giftset | 百家布婴孩鞋礼品组合

终于都把百家布婴孩鞋礼品组合缝好了。我真的很喜欢刚缝好的口水巾,自己一边看,一边流口水。。。哈哈哈 {就给我自恋吧}它们是两面穿的哦,只要一翻就是下面的图案了~

如果你有兴趣定购的话,请电邮到 - 


Finally finished sewing my Reversible Patchwork Baby Booties Giftset. I really love this baby bib that I just sew. I drip my saliva when I am looking at it... hahhaha... BTW, They are reversible! Once you flipped, they will turn into the pattern as below,

If you are interested to purchase, please email to - 

I need a week time to completed.

Monday, September 6, 2010


MEET MY NEW FABRICS! Yes, plenty of colorful polka dots, I love the colorful checked fabrics very much, it is so fun & cheerful. Not to forget the Batik fabric, I love the soft touch and the patterns so much! 

These fabrics are from my dear friends. Left 1 - 4, are from no other than the famous fabric seller MAYMAYSHOP the great grouping fabrics, They will be part of my patchwork project. and Right 1- 4, were from JOANBEADSHOUSE 



Friday, September 3, 2010

Coaster again~

I am sewing coaster again :p I think the recipient will be very happy when they received them ^ ^


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Patchwork Baby Booties | 百家布婴孩鞋

在我开始缝拼布和婴孩鞋时,我一直告诉自己有一天我一定要把拼布和婴孩鞋结合在一起成为拼布婴孩鞋。我比较喜欢称它为百家布婴孩鞋。知道振源和薇妮学姐的第一个宝贝公主诞生了,我一直就告诉我是时候缝制百家布婴孩鞋了。 我深深的送上祝福给这个家庭。愿天父赐你们满满的祝福。

**在中国早期的农业社会,当家中初生儿满100天时,小孩的父母会到亲朋好友家登门拜访,收集一些零碎的布料,这来自不同家庭的祝福,缝制成一件独一无二的温暖作品,我们称之为“百家被”。(也有称之“百纳被”或者“百搭被”)父母希望让孩子盖著「纳百家之福」的被单长大,期望他们平安长大。** from sengkit blog


When the day I started sewing patchwork and baby booties, I always hope to join this two project together as Patchwork baby booties , In Chinese believes, patchwork is a blessing for new born baby. In the olden time, when a family have a new born baby on the 100th day the baby born, they will go to house to house and request for fabric scrap from their neighbor, and they will convert the fabric scrap into blanket. That symbolize the blessing from hundreds of family. I use fabrics that I keep and fabrics that given from my friends to work on this polka dot patchwork, and I apply it on this baby booties. It is my blessing for my senior - C. G & Vni's princess, their first born. May God shower his grace to this family.

The other side of the pattern, I use one of my favorite fabric, I love the embroidery pattern prints, the prints are perfectly well done. 

I am also working on a matching baby bib now.