Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby gift set | 嬰孩禮品組合 05.01.11

這位顧客特別要求我縫個小枕頭給他的侄女.我第一次縫小枕頭呢~感覺很溫馨.當然都是雙面都有不同的布料. 那個英國風的花布是我的珍藏,超不捨得拿來用.嗚~~嗚~~

另外一面用了紅紅的布料。不知道是不是人老了,我真覺得這個紅色很有福氣的感覺是絕頂的祝福. 雖然顧客要求粉紅色布料,我剛好沒有,顧客啊,希望你喜歡啊~

This customer request me to sew a baby pillow for her niece. This is my first time to sew baby pillow. I using different fabrics in both side. The English cottage floral fabric is one of my favorite fabric that I kept for so long. The other side I use a red color fabric that I purchased from beanipet I love this red color, is like a great blessing to the baby, though customer request to have a pink fabric, I do not have in stock. I hope she will love it. And I think it is with Chinese New Year feel too ^ ^
這個是表姐的訂單,給朋友的兒子。她訂了很久我才開工。這小熊布料 超可愛,很合適小男孩。另一面我用了,大英帝國士兵的布料小男孩穿上去一定很帥!今晚還要趕多一雙,明早要飛雞籠坡。祝我好運~

This is the order from my cousin sister for her friend's son. She order quite some time ago, now only I completed the order. I use this cutie teddy bear  fabric and the other side I use the Great Britain soldier fabric~

There is one more pair to be completed by today... wish me luck >.<


tekadix said...

They are wonderful!!! I really love the red set ^-^ It makes me want to go home rite now to enjoy New Year holiday with my family.

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