Monday, January 10, 2011

Passport cover | 暖暖護照夾

這是hoyoyi handmade 即將推出的手作系列,和暖暖熱水袋是同一系列。我看我最近真的瘋狂的愛上蕾絲和不織布~邊邊我都用了花瓣圖案是續早期送給朋友的杯墊用的方式讓護照夾更加特出。我自己是很喜歡哦~希望你們也一樣!

This is the upcoming series from hoyoyi handmade, it is the continuous series for my hot water bag. I am really into lace and felt lately. The edge I am using the floral pattern that I used to sew the coaster to my friends, I think it  made the passport sleeve stand out even better. I myself love this passport sleeve very much, hope you all will love it too~


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