Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cutie Baby Shoe | 甜甜嬰孩鞋

這雙 甜甜嬰孩鞋是表姐好幾個月前的訂單,我到表姐催我一定要交貨,我才開工。這一片小小片的布碎就剪了很久放在一旁都沒開工(還敢講!) 鞋帶呢,我用了美美的蕾絲緞帶~希望表姐的朋友會高興收到這份禮物。哦,對了,鞋底有用防滑布~

This cutie baby shoe was ordered by my cousin sister few months ago. I only start work on it when my cousin sister push me for the late dateline >.< I cut the shoe pattern with the little left over fabrics that I have, and I put it at a side for months XD the shoe lace I use very pretty lace that I got from the craftstore near my place~ I hope my cousin sister's friend will be very happy to received this present. Ohh, btw, the shoe sole is with anti slipped fabric ^ ^


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