Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby booties for baby boy | 嬰孩鞋給小男娃

最近的訂單都是給小男孩的。接下來希望可以縫給小女娃。要開始投入市集的手作了,MR.J說不然到時候我就只是給人看照片而已。。。 >.<

Lately all my orders were for baby boy, hope the next order I can sew for baby girl. It is almost time for me to start my sewing project for the craft market, or else Mr. J say I will only be able to display my photos only >.<


jing^xuan said...

hi hoyoyi...i receive the booties is so lovely..but why isn't a pair? one is london print and another is grid print??

hoyoyi said...

haha, saw your email just now, glad that you finally found out that the baby booties are actually reversible ^ ^

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