Friday, February 4, 2011

coin purse | 口金包 040211

我的第一個口金包,我自己是挺喜歡的。我很勤勞吧,新年都在縫口金,呵呵呵~這一個口金是和MAYMAYSHOP買的,她說這個口金很多人買,品質又一級棒!我用了也覺得很好,因為高人指點我說好的口金縫的時候差不多是平行線。我沒有遇到大家說很難縫,很吃力的問題 XP

This is my first coin purse, I quite like it. I am so hard working, I even do sewing during Chinese New Year. Hahaha~ This frame is purchased from MAYMAYSHOP. She say this this is a hot selling frame as the quality is very good. I also feels that it is very good, as when I stitch the thread around the frame, it is almost sewing in parallel line, I do not face the problem of difficult to sew XP


Ching 祯 said...

U so kut lat during new year,
me too ^^

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