Saturday, February 26, 2011

Passport + Ipod/ Iphone sleeve | 暖暖護照夾 + 愛瘋/愛卜夾

這是個特別的案子,有時候我會接到不同顧客的訂單。這個訂單我挺喜歡的。內容我不多說,但是肯定可以裝得下護照/愛瘋/愛卜。上圖右下的是我自己的Ipod Touch 夾,做了第三個,每次出門就沒衣服穿回來,都給好友A去。很喜歡這個熊熊的顏色,很有暖暖的感覺。

This is a special case, some time i do accept some special order request from customer. I quite love this order. Not to share the details here, but it can fit passport/Iphone/ Ipod Touch. The top right item is my Ipod Touch sleeve, this is the 3rd one I sew. Every time when I bring it out, it will come back naked. As friends love it too much and at the end I gave to them. I love this teddy bear color very much~


Alissa said...

I like the cardholder very much but looks very thick leh ><

chiariyees said...

simple and heartwarming~

hoyoyi said...

Alissa, 3 layers~
Chiariyees - that is what I always love~ ^ ^

Obsession With Online Tutorials said...

what kind of fabric is this...?

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