Tuesday, March 1, 2011

coin purse For craft swap | 二月的交換口金


This was the coin purse that I sew during last Chinese New Year for craft swap This was my second time to sew coin purse, and this is a two piece pattern. Thanks for my good friend - Joan for the expensive fabrics that she given to me, and Sam for the beautiful coin purse frame and the pattern.There were error when I sew and I also change my stitching style. This were totally hand sew due to my machine was sent for service.
I really love the fabric matching of this coin purse.


Alissa said...

Next time try the four piece pattern. Really cute the end result. ^^

hoyoyi said...

i did - http://hoyoyi.blogspot.com/2011/02/frame-purse-040211.html

雪仁 Sufen Yap said...


IQ7 said...

Very nice!!!

hoyoyi said...

IQ7,thanks for your comments,and you have very nice paper art too~

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