Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cathedral Window Quilt | 教堂之窗

最近的我迷上了教堂之窗的作品,頻頻上網搜索漂亮的作品,最令我心動的是 - http://www.freshmd.com/fresh_md/2008/11/cathedral-window-quilt.html 這張被的主人在ebay網拍下這張已經有超過50年歷史的拼布被。是人工拼的哦~ 裡面有780個小窗口,單單聽到就覺得好可怕,780個咧~~~在網上找到教學後我也來試試~做了幾個之後也領悟到一些技巧,有些東西就是要親自去試你才能學到。。。待我有空在繼續了~ 我會把它變成沙發的小枕頭

Lately I was so addicted into cathedral window quilt, I keep looking for beautiful quilt online, this is one of the   quilt that I love at first sight. http://www.freshmd.com/fresh_md/2008/11/cathedral-window-quilt.html This quilt owner won the bid from ebay and this quilt have history with more than 50years, and for your information, this quilt was 100% handmade and there are 780 windows! I was really freak out when I heard of 780 windows... :p I found tutorial online, and after a few trials, I learn some techniques through out the process. I will continue this when I have time. I will turn it into a pillow case ^ ^


swing18 said...

kakak... u still remember my thing??!! :(

Sze Yuin

hoyoyi said...

adik, no time yet。。。

瓶子 said...

真的好惊艳,很漂亮 =)


hoyoyi said...

瓶子,第一次做,手工粗。。。 :P

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