Monday, November 1, 2010

reversible hat & tote bag | 兩面用帽 & 托特包

這個週末我縫了兩樣禮物送給朋友的孩子,今天是他公子的生日,我縫了頂帽子給他,希望尺寸合適~一樣跑經典風~哥哥有禮物可愛的妹妹也應該有一份吧?就縫了兩面用托特包,可以給她裝水壺啊,小書本啊,娃娃啊~可愛吧~ 謝謝他們的媽媽常常幫助我,給我這個外地人不少的管用的質詢,也陪陪我吃飯。

Last weekend I sew two present for my friend's kids. Today is her son birthday. I sew him a reversible hat, I hope the size fits him well, I still use the vintage look a like fabric. Now, the brother have a present, the cutie little sister should have one too. So I sew a reversible tote bag for her. She can put her water bottle, books, her dolls. Is cute rite? Thanks for their mother that always help me and give me useful tips and have lunch with me.


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