Friday, November 5, 2010

Reversible Baby Booties for Boy | 給男嬰孩的兩面穿嬰孩鞋

接到這張訂單時顧客提議要用我縫製給Mr。J室內拖鞋的同樣布料,看起來也不錯~另外一面就用了車車布 和藍底白點的點點布~

The customer suggest me to use the fabrics that I sew for Mr. J's indoor slipper. The result is quite good, and the other side of the fabric I use the Cars Poplin mix with blue base white dots. 


chiariyees said...

oh i love the white polka dots! it's so japanese~

Chuff said...

heh.... hot over black and white combo and something not too kiddish. however, because it's reversible it gives an option for something a little more playful. can't wait to receive them!

more black, white and grey combos, please :D


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