Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Patchwork Frame | 拼布框

這是我即將推出的系列之一, 拼布框。尺寸是6",花了很多心思把一個個六角形給拼接起來,是很累,但是蠻好玩的。拿來掛在牆壁也不錯吧。。。原諒我這個難看的牆壁噢。。。呵呵,沒時間去好好裝飾。。。有時間都在拼 lol

This is the series that I am going to launch soon. Is a patchwork frame in 6". I spent a lot of afford to join all the hexagon, it is very tiring, but I have fun in it. It looks good if you hang them on the wall. Very sorry for my ugly wall, as I do not have time to decorate them... I spent all my time in my patchwork lol


地瓜妈Jess See said...

Haha! You are so creative. 拼布框作墙上装潢,is a very good idea!

hoyoyi said...

jess, 謝謝你的稱讚,我心癢癢了很久,昨天才甘願去買框來開工~

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