Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Full Lined zipper pouch | 化妝包




This is my first full lined zipper pouch. I have collected so many related zipper pouch tutorial, but I was so afraid to try, as I did sew pouch before but those are with no lined. And I couldn't find my zipper foot, due to I didn't know my zipper foot look totally different from my mum's antique sewing machine :p Thanks to applemama and joan that told me where I can find my zipper foot. I start my sewing once I found it.

I did make mistake when I sew, but I removed the wrong stitches and put more attention on it. Well, I am really proud of myself once I completed the pouch. Love this newspaper print fabric.Very satisfy, yar I am so easy to satisfy, but actually I dare not to think further, as I always spent a lot of time to understand a tutorial >_<

applemama & emma, I have finally submitted my homework :p I am so happy, okay okay, I know I am late, but I will continue my learning skill and try on other homework.

I was away to KL for few days and I went to visit my craft friends in PIPIT WONDERFUL MARKET. Met so many craft friends there and have great time with them. Here are the fabrics that I received from my craft friends, the red on the left were purchase from beanipet. I love the fabrics so much, thanks to all my craft friends. I also received many other sewing material from them... too lazy to snap photo.

我去了雞籠坡好幾天。特地去了PIPIT WONDERFUL MARKET,見到很多手作朋友,也和他們有很開心的時間。這些布都是手作朋友送給我的,左邊的布是我和beanipet買的。很喜歡這些布哦~還有收到很多手作材料,來不及拍照片,謝謝大家的禮物~


Agnes Sim said...

我要!!!:p 漂亮咯!

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Obsession With Online Tutorials said...

Who does the dog print...Love to know .... it is so cute....

hoyoyi said...

Hi dear, I think the fabric was printed in Taiwan. Friend import the fabric to sell to crafter =)

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