Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wristlet for girl | 青春可愛手提包

我最近好勤勞哦~這個青春可愛手提包我又用了我很喜歡的男孩女孩日記布 + 櫻桃紅格子布 沒有紙版,就醬栽醬縫,亂來的。用了我最近很喜歡的Jelly snap button。我覺得這個湖水綠四合扣怎樣配搭都好看~我很喜歡這個手提包,可以給那些小女孩裝小錢包,裝電話,裝紙巾。小女孩用它一定很活潑可愛

I am kinda hardworking lately :p This lovely wristlet for girl, again I use girls & boys diaries & the sweet cherry checked fabric. I do not have the sewing pattern, just simply cut the fabric and sew~ I also use the Jelly snap button that I love lately, it is so easy to match with anything. I love this wristlet very much. Little girl can use it to keep their little purse, phone and tissue. I believe that the girls will look very pretty with it.



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