Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fabrics from Suzuko Koseki! Thanks to Ayumills {PINK PENGUIN}

YIPPIE!!! New Fabrics to play around! 

Remember sometimes ago I join a online project that organised by PINK PENGUIN 19 of us participated in the project to sew a coaster with assigned alphabet (mine was "E" to a famous fabric designer - Suzuko Koseki. And that was a fun experience for me to get to know so many craft friends far abroad my country. And after we completed sewing, we have to deliver the coaster to Japan and Ayumi will collect total of 19 coasters and give to Suzuko Koseki. And it was fate that linked me to the project, as we can also sew with SSuzuko Koseki, and I really have one of her fabric, it was a souvenir from my friend when he went for his Japan trip! And Suzuko Koseki was really happy with the present! 

(Actually I received the fabric on early Marc, just forgot to check my mailbox lol)

 Suzuko Koseki even blog about this in her blog 

And she gave many of her fabrics to Ayumi, and Ayumi send the fabrics to all of us that involved in the project!

This is photo of the 19 coasters! You can read the details here

This was the one that I sew ^ ^


Agnes Sim said...

yo...urs one quite unique wo..nice le! :p
y got those alphabet on the coaster? wat it meant?

Suzie said...

yes ,i see your coaster in ayumills blog and so surprise from malaysia there .congrate....happy ha...

hoyoyi said...

Blur Queen Agnes, that alphabet stand for the name of the fabric designer~
Hi Suziem nice meeting you here. And thanks for your dropping by.... Wah you have a machine Jahit tepi, I pun nak lar :p

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