Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ plant

Month of March we were assigned to sew anything with rabbit for Emma's cotton talk I have no idea how to start this project, and I just cut my felt, I cut it into rabbit shape, but many of them say it looks more like the 飯糰 =。="' After that I have no idea how to apply this rabbit. And I saw the plant that Mr.J passed to me the other day, he ask me to look after that little plant, once it recover healthy, I will have to return back to him. The plant was getting weaker and the middle part was dying. I moved some of them to the middle and water the plant and put very little amount of fertilizer on it. 

The newest book that I purchased was about plants, and this little plant did not own a beautiful vase, so I apply my sewing on it. And TADA~~~ this is how cute she is now. Up to date, she is growing well under my care~


最近看了 JASMINE的《花時間,過好生活》,很喜歡,很喜歡她對花藝的熱愛。剛好Mr.J把他家要“完蛋”的植物托給我照顧,說是恢復元氣了再交給他 =。=" 這盆植物不懂為什麼中間的部位都枯萎了,我把周圍的部份挖了一點點去中間,然後鬆一鬆泥土,再淋淋水和施點小肥。他沒有美麗的花盆,我就把我喜歡的格子布縫了起來給它做外衣。然後把兔子給插了上去。明年如果要換個龍啊,鳳啊,應該也是一樣版本了。。


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