Tuesday, March 22, 2011

little things that make me happy | 讓我開心的小東西 - LULLABELLE HANDMADE SOAP

Received this parcel from Lullabelle today. I was so happy to open the parcel once I reached home, I purchased few handmade soap (pink chanel + household soap)  from her and also Vanila Oil nailment 

And I love all the sample soaps and soap holder!!!

The reason that I changed all my soap to handmade soap was because of my fingers skin are peeling off, I tried to use more handmade soap now, hope it can really improve my skin. The peeling might be cause of I am getting sensitive to detergent nowadays. 

Lullabelle also offer soap making workshop, you can join if you are interested to spend your weekend with some fun and things that will benefits to you and your love one. 

~ photos copyrights @ lullabelle handmade ~


kiM said...

so nice!!!

hoyoyi said...

yes Kim, you can go to learn~ there are a few class on April~

Freda Foong (svMm3r) said...

dear ... just bought ur soap @ poco handmade~~

hoyoyi said...

hehe, you bought Lullabelle soap lar~~~ hehe i am their user. write her a comment after you use ^ ^

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