Sunday, March 13, 2011

Malacca trip | 馬六甲之旅


我們十個人就玩啊,吃啊,好不開心~ 這一次我最期待的就是終於找到LIMAU-LIMAU CAFE,上一回想帶Mr.J去這裡,但是我卻忘了怎麼去。。。我們這回霸了整個樓上,在這個舊家具的裝橫~涼涼的冷氣,喝著好喝的飲料(我們剛吃完2只半雞,榴蓮泡芙)這一趟也吃了燒蚶啦,還有mille crepe。遺憾是沒去到RINGO喝酒聽歌。這就留下一趟和Mr.J再去~



This was my last month Malacca trip with my craft friends. Me and Tako depart from JB, and that was a awful traffic day in JB, we went to Ayer Hitam to fetch Gianni and we arrived Malacca town at 6:00pm ++
Thank God that the traffic from Malacca toll to Malacca town was really smooth. 10 of us non stop eating in Malacca. And I was so happy that I able to go to Limau- limau cafe this time. During my last trip, I wanted to bring Mr.J here, but I couldn't find it >.<" We have the whole floor to enjoy our talks, delicious drinks and air-conditioned :p This trip I was also finally got to eat the siham at the back alley :p and also the mille crepe. Too bad that we were too tired to go to Ringo's pub. Well, I will go again with Mr. J and I will sure go to Ringo then ^ ^

This was actually a farewell trip for our friend - Luna, she is going to New Zealand for working holiday soon. Though we are enjoying our trip, we did not forget to share our craft and ideas... and someone did brought along a sewing machine =.="' Tako share her doll secrets and I share how to sew a pillow cushion cover.

Here are some photos to share with, I am too lazy to edit more photos... :p And photo credits to Agnes, Minifanfan Bf and Tako.


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