Saturday, March 12, 2011

little things that make me happy | 讓我開心的小東西 120311

Top left - I met my little craft friend - minifanfan this morning for breakfast, she came to JB for few days, and it was good that we always got time to catch up, actually I just met her 2 weeks ago during my Malacca trip :p
She gave me a  fabric (souvenir) that she bought during her Taiwan trip.


Top right - I found this scissors at a hardware shop last month when me and Mr.J went to look for light bulk, it cost me only RM 5, approximately USD 1.80. Scissors length is around 8.5". It reminds me of the old scissors that my mum and my granny used. It is very sharp and pointy too. I can use it to cut paper and cardboard. Plan to get another pair when I go again. And did you saw the pretty fabric at the back? I purchased that from MAYMAYSHOP really love the patterns, and I am yet to decide what to do with them :p


Bottom Left - These candies flew all the way from Sweden, gift from my dearest friend - Lichin If I am not wrong, she told me that this old candy shop is going to closed down their business, it was sad to know about that. And she sent the candies all over just for me to try them. Thank you sis!



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