Wednesday, March 30, 2011

laptop sleeve | 筆電套

為自己縫了筆電套因為舊的給我用到爛了。。。最近愛上臘腸狗,給我的筆電套裝飾裝飾一下,布料都用了很深的顏色,最重要是為了要耐脏 XP

A laptop sleeve for myself, as my current laptop sleeve was worn. I am into dachshund lately, I apply it to decorate my sleeve. I use very dark color tone fabric this time, so that you will not aware when it turn dirty XP

Thursday, March 24, 2011

For my upcoming project

For my upcoming project! Can't decide what this cutie dachshund for!

I love dachshund more than owl 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sleeve | 夾



This was the amended version of the sleeve that I design, I did two different size. Customer like it. I love this dark chocolate brown, it is so classic and elegant, I myself love it very much. Looking forward for positive response from customer proposal ^ ^

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

little things that make me happy | 讓我開心的小東西 - LULLABELLE HANDMADE SOAP

Received this parcel from Lullabelle today. I was so happy to open the parcel once I reached home, I purchased few handmade soap (pink chanel + household soap)  from her and also Vanila Oil nailment 

And I love all the sample soaps and soap holder!!!

The reason that I changed all my soap to handmade soap was because of my fingers skin are peeling off, I tried to use more handmade soap now, hope it can really improve my skin. The peeling might be cause of I am getting sensitive to detergent nowadays. 

Lullabelle also offer soap making workshop, you can join if you are interested to spend your weekend with some fun and things that will benefits to you and your love one. 

~ photos copyrights @ lullabelle handmade ~

Sunday, March 20, 2011

reversible lunch tote bag | 雙面用飯盒托特包

這個托特包的縫合是在TAKO家完成的。星期六,涼涼的下午,兩人一面聽CChannel News Asia日本新聞,一面縫手作~


size : W 10.5" x H 7.5" x  D 4.5" 

A reversible lunch tote bag for my neighbor's daughter. But it seems like suits me better? :p
Just a very simple reversible tote, The purple patchwork pattern fabrics were purchased from J company, the other site I use a dark green patchwork linen, this fabric have a few design on it, I love it very much. This tote finishing was completed at Tako's house, a windy Saturday afternoon, we listen to Channel News Asia's Japan news and work on our craft.

The completed tote were not iron before I snapped photos :p

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

♥ plant

Month of March we were assigned to sew anything with rabbit for Emma's cotton talk I have no idea how to start this project, and I just cut my felt, I cut it into rabbit shape, but many of them say it looks more like the 飯糰 =。="' After that I have no idea how to apply this rabbit. And I saw the plant that Mr.J passed to me the other day, he ask me to look after that little plant, once it recover healthy, I will have to return back to him. The plant was getting weaker and the middle part was dying. I moved some of them to the middle and water the plant and put very little amount of fertilizer on it. 

The newest book that I purchased was about plants, and this little plant did not own a beautiful vase, so I apply my sewing on it. And TADA~~~ this is how cute she is now. Up to date, she is growing well under my care~


最近看了 JASMINE的《花時間,過好生活》,很喜歡,很喜歡她對花藝的熱愛。剛好Mr.J把他家要“完蛋”的植物托給我照顧,說是恢復元氣了再交給他 =。=" 這盆植物不懂為什麼中間的部位都枯萎了,我把周圍的部份挖了一點點去中間,然後鬆一鬆泥土,再淋淋水和施點小肥。他沒有美麗的花盆,我就把我喜歡的格子布縫了起來給它做外衣。然後把兔子給插了上去。明年如果要換個龍啊,鳳啊,應該也是一樣版本了。。



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Malacca trip | 馬六甲之旅


我們十個人就玩啊,吃啊,好不開心~ 這一次我最期待的就是終於找到LIMAU-LIMAU CAFE,上一回想帶Mr.J去這裡,但是我卻忘了怎麼去。。。我們這回霸了整個樓上,在這個舊家具的裝橫~涼涼的冷氣,喝著好喝的飲料(我們剛吃完2只半雞,榴蓮泡芙)這一趟也吃了燒蚶啦,還有mille crepe。遺憾是沒去到RINGO喝酒聽歌。這就留下一趟和Mr.J再去~



This was my last month Malacca trip with my craft friends. Me and Tako depart from JB, and that was a awful traffic day in JB, we went to Ayer Hitam to fetch Gianni and we arrived Malacca town at 6:00pm ++
Thank God that the traffic from Malacca toll to Malacca town was really smooth. 10 of us non stop eating in Malacca. And I was so happy that I able to go to Limau- limau cafe this time. During my last trip, I wanted to bring Mr.J here, but I couldn't find it >.<" We have the whole floor to enjoy our talks, delicious drinks and air-conditioned :p This trip I was also finally got to eat the siham at the back alley :p and also the mille crepe. Too bad that we were too tired to go to Ringo's pub. Well, I will go again with Mr. J and I will sure go to Ringo then ^ ^

This was actually a farewell trip for our friend - Luna, she is going to New Zealand for working holiday soon. Though we are enjoying our trip, we did not forget to share our craft and ideas... and someone did brought along a sewing machine =.="' Tako share her doll secrets and I share how to sew a pillow cushion cover.

Here are some photos to share with, I am too lazy to edit more photos... :p And photo credits to Agnes, Minifanfan Bf and Tako.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

little things that make me happy | 讓我開心的小東西 120311

Top left - I met my little craft friend - minifanfan this morning for breakfast, she came to JB for few days, and it was good that we always got time to catch up, actually I just met her 2 weeks ago during my Malacca trip :p
She gave me a  fabric (souvenir) that she bought during her Taiwan trip.


Top right - I found this scissors at a hardware shop last month when me and Mr.J went to look for light bulk, it cost me only RM 5, approximately USD 1.80. Scissors length is around 8.5". It reminds me of the old scissors that my mum and my granny used. It is very sharp and pointy too. I can use it to cut paper and cardboard. Plan to get another pair when I go again. And did you saw the pretty fabric at the back? I purchased that from MAYMAYSHOP really love the patterns, and I am yet to decide what to do with them :p


Bottom Left - These candies flew all the way from Sweden, gift from my dearest friend - Lichin If I am not wrong, she told me that this old candy shop is going to closed down their business, it was sad to know about that. And she sent the candies all over just for me to try them. Thank you sis!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fabrics from Suzuko Koseki! Thanks to Ayumills {PINK PENGUIN}

YIPPIE!!! New Fabrics to play around! 

Remember sometimes ago I join a online project that organised by PINK PENGUIN 19 of us participated in the project to sew a coaster with assigned alphabet (mine was "E" to a famous fabric designer - Suzuko Koseki. And that was a fun experience for me to get to know so many craft friends far abroad my country. And after we completed sewing, we have to deliver the coaster to Japan and Ayumi will collect total of 19 coasters and give to Suzuko Koseki. And it was fate that linked me to the project, as we can also sew with SSuzuko Koseki, and I really have one of her fabric, it was a souvenir from my friend when he went for his Japan trip! And Suzuko Koseki was really happy with the present! 

(Actually I received the fabric on early Marc, just forgot to check my mailbox lol)

 Suzuko Koseki even blog about this in her blog 

And she gave many of her fabrics to Ayumi, and Ayumi send the fabrics to all of us that involved in the project!

This is photo of the 19 coasters! You can read the details here

This was the one that I sew ^ ^

Monday, March 7, 2011

little things that make me happy | 讓我開心的小東西

There are many little things that able to make us happy. The little things are with little story, they might be present from your friends, maybe you bought it with someone you love, maybe you got it from your friend's help to purchase from oversea, or maybe is your own treasure hunt experience or it might be your diy work. And these little things are with magic spells that keep you happy ^ ^

MT masking tape that I got from my dearest craft friend - evangelione. This masking tape tape will not destroy your wall ^ ^
我就把我喜歡的post card都貼在牆上。還有香港微博好友送給我的小小衣夾也拿來用了~
How I apply them on my wall ^ ^ the little wood cloth clipper were from my HK weibo's friend.


A book that i love, the author love gardening, and because of gardening she went to apply a job as the editor of gardening magazine publication, but at the end she quit her job, due to the busy lifestyle in publishing line she unable to enjoy what she really love, and now she is doing what she totally love.
A russian doll table top dusbin, I put my coins inside, and she is really fat now... I feed her till her neck lol 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

coin purse For craft swap | 二月的交換口金


This was the coin purse that I sew during last Chinese New Year for craft swap This was my second time to sew coin purse, and this is a two piece pattern. Thanks for my good friend - Joan for the expensive fabrics that she given to me, and Sam for the beautiful coin purse frame and the pattern.There were error when I sew and I also change my stitching style. This were totally hand sew due to my machine was sent for service.
I really love the fabric matching of this coin purse.