Friday, October 1, 2010

Quilt blanket for Baby | 寶寶的拼布被 {百家被}

For baby boy
For baby girl
My primary school senior married and stay in US. She just delivered her first child and she was back to Malaysia for her confinement. Senior requested me to sew 4 baby blanket. I was terrified when I heard of 4 baby blanket, as I never did before, but still I accept the order. My work is not good enough, lots of improvement needed. But I have learnt a lot in this project, I also learn how to attach bias tape. It was really difficult, the first blanket, I use my sewing machine to attach with no hand stitch, the result was really ugly. The  other 3 blanket, I use hand sew with patient. I found that you need a lot of patient in quilt project. I really respect those patchwork experts, you guys rock!



tekadix said...

wow, good job ^-^ I love the way you combine color of fabrics. Ah, Can you tell me what the perfect size of a baby blanket is?

hoyoyi said...

Hi Tekadix, The size is around 30" x 40". my square ratio is 5" x5"

tekadix said...

thank you, I'd like to make one for my little cousin. Your blog inspires me too much. ^-^

MyBotanG said...

the colour combos are the sweetest.. you have good eyes with fabrics and colours.. good job.. I really hoped to see the blanket spread out.. they look wonderful.. i agree attaching bias tape needs a lot of practice.. but in the end all the hard work and back pain is soooo worth it when you see the final products..

*櫻桃冰子* Cherry said...


next time u can make a bigger size one, muakakaha;p

May said...


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