Saturday, October 9, 2010

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自從喜歡上米力的插畫,到米力的慢慢日記,到她開始了米力生活雜貨鋪,我都很喜歡,當日本友人幫我從日本帶回來了蜜糖小熊 我開始想擁有米力雜貨,最先愛上湖水綠馬克杯看到我心癢癢。都不知道要如何購買。只有看得飽!後來米力生活雜貨有了臉書粉絲頁,就說我喜歡那個馬克杯,哇!還有貨!!!知道友人會去台灣,馬上訂購。謝謝Tami哦,那麼偉大幫我扛回來。過後又有粉絲團見面禮組,我馬上又訂購了,原以為我自己9月去台灣時可以自取,誰知道,我去不成,又麻煩友人幫我帶回來,這次更大盒,還好人很好的Lennie沒和我計較,幾重都幫我扛回來。好喜歡哦~

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接下來我要買法式歐蕾馬克杯 我已經有友人會去台灣,哈哈,麻煩友人幫我扛回來哦。
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When I first know MyMilly illustration when I was young, until I get to read her blog and when she started her mymillyzakka, I love everything she shared, when I received the honey bear huggies that my Japan friend brought to me, I start of thinking to own more of MillyZakka. The first item that I love was light emerald mug, I can't stopped thinking of it. and have no idea how to get it, until mymillyzakka have a facebook fans page, I commended on how much I like the mug, and they reply that they still have available stock. And when i know that my friend is going to Taiwan, I quickly place order, and Thanks to Miss Tami that she helped me to carry it back to Malaysia. And when mymillyzakka have a facebook fans promotion, again, I made my order :p I thought this time I can go to collect by my own, who knows... I not able to go, so I trouble my friend again. This time, it is in bigger box :p luckily Miss Lennie is very generous to help. I love the sets so much.

And the next item that I am going to purchase is this , I already know who is going to Taiwan, and I will ask my friend to brought it back for me again :p

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