Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reversible Patchwork Baby Booties Giftset | 百家布婴孩鞋礼品组合


另外一面我用了我很喜歡的男孩女孩日記布,配搭剛剛收到的櫻桃紅格子布 很可愛吧~

百家布婴孩鞋礼品组合 {一雙兩面穿的嬰孩鞋 + 兩面用的口水巾}

This order was from Mr. J for his best friend's new born baby girl. Mr. J told me that he want a patchwork set, well, I will have to work hard on it. I sew all the hexagon while watching tv. And I did show Mr. J how I sew all the hexagon, he did pay attention to look at it. Will he able to sew? I will test him in future. But he did try to use the thread to put into the needle, but can't get through... haha~ Thanks for his effort. I imagine one day he will be able to help me lol I am day dreaming, I know~

This time I am also using polka dot fabrics to do my patchwork. Some of the fabric were purchased from Singapore, where my friend brought me there, some were from KL fabric shop, some I purchased through online shop. These fabric are so precious to me. And I match the patchwork with the Plain linen that I just shared The result were really good. The other side of the fabric, I use girls & boys diaries & the sweet cherry checked fabric. They are so adorable~ I hope the little baby girl will look great on it.

Patchwork Baby Booties Giftset ( A pair of reversible baby booties & a two sided baby bib)


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