Monday, October 18, 2010

車厘櫻桃愛瘋4包包 | Cherry Iphone 4 Pouch

這個車厘櫻桃愛瘋4包包很甜美吧?我自己都有點頂不順自己。是送給一位香港的微博童鞋,我們在微博玩起了交換禮物。她的外號是車厘櫻桃,我收藏的這片美美的車厘櫻桃布還不馬上拿出來用,再用粉紅點點布和 jelly button,cute到~

認識到不同國家的手作朋友也是我的興趣之一。如果你是海外的手作朋友,我歡迎你到我的部落到訪。如果你也想和我交換手作的話,請電郵至 -

Isn't this Cherry iphone 4 pouch is very sweet? I almost can't stand of how sweet it is {as I seldom sew such a sweet pouch} This is actually a swap present for my HK Sina blog friend. This fabric is one of my precious collection, since my HK friend's nickname is Cherry, I mix with the pinky polka dot fabric and jelly button for my sewing.

I love to make friends with oversea crafter, if you are oversea crafter, I would like to welcome for your visit at my bllog. If you do wish to swap craft work with me, you can email to


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早前在微博認識你的時候,已立即在google reader訂閱你網誌的RSS。今天如常在查閱reader,意想不到地看到這個,非常驚喜!你送我這麼甜美的iphone 4 case,實在非常感謝你。。。那我也要開始動手做送你的part III,應該會是早前送你postcard中的黑貓貓造型的felt sheet mini doll。。。

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