Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PSP Pouch | PSP 包包

This PSP pouch was one of my best friend's order. The one that I completed was not fit to her PSP, it took me so long time to sew her a new one... she keep nagging at me as I keep sewing booties and not her pouch :p And I found that my sewing skill is getting better ^ ^



Sus@n said...

Hello, Hoyoyi, c ur blog at my frienz's blog, so come to visit...add you to my blog list, hehe...like your item very much....your PSP bag very nice...can i know waht is the dimension?? TQ!!

hoyoyi said...

Hi Susan, thanks for your comment, actually I also do not know what is the dimension I am using lol, maybe 18 x 7 or 8 cm

MyBotanG said...

wahhhh so cute... and the fabric combo is sooo yumm!!! :D
your rounded corners are soo neat.. mine usually ends up being crooked no metter how hard i try.. care to share some tips on how you go about sewing rounded corners??

Anonymous said...

would u do a remake of this if i'd like to order one too?but maybe not for a psp pouch..just a normal pouch or pencil case?thanks.

hoyoyi said...

Dear Anonymous, do mail your details to hoyoyi@gmail.com TQ

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